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I'm Lisa

Speaker   |   Facilitator   |   Coach   |   Joy Connoisseur
What you should know about me


I describe myself as a corporate-culture junkie, turned entrepreneur,

who is focused on helping people Have Good Ripple Effect through speaking, workshops, and success coaching.


I attribute my  credibility to R&R Café, the tiny café in Eastern Iowa where I waitressed in high school, and the first group of direct reports that I had in corporate America, those 65 people did more than they will ever know! 


Two fun facts are that I have a monthly joy calendar and

am on a mission to meet 1 million people.

I get it...

I understand what it’s like to feel like you have more to give and more impact to create in the world.


Although I’ve been leading and coaching people for nearly 10 years, it’s been a combination of my personal journey, knowledge and expertise that has enabled me to help others achieve their goals.


I’ve heard many great bits of advice over the years, but I always come back to “You happen to the world, not the other way around.” These are the words that have brought me more laughter, success, and impact.


Fun facts about me:

  • Originally from small town Iowa and I have nearly 60 first cousins!

  • My career started in high school at a tiny café where I washed dishes and served breakfast to farmers, truckers, and locals. I learned more at this job than I could ever have imagined!

  • Eight years ago my husband and I were burnt out and over-scheduled. We realized that we were miserable and needed a change. We now have a monthly JOY calendar filled with activities and fun.

  • We believe that if you wait around for JOY to come, it will never happen. That is why I we (my family and I) believe that JOY is our J-O-B.

  • I do my best to live out my first leader’s advice, “Lisa, if they ask you to make a cup of coffee, make the best damn cup of coffee they’ve ever had."

  • I believe that everything we say and do creates a ripple…happy or crappy our choice.

  • I am on a mission to connect with 1 million people

Lisa Even, Positive, Motivational, Joy, Have good ripple effect

Ready to chat about your next event? 

Meet my team

Kori Hesser


Finds JOY through camping with family and watching her kids play sports. It is a JOY to see them be part of a team and learning new skills!

Kori_ Lisa Even_Speaker_Coach_Joy Connoisseur_edited.png

Ellie Higgins

Events and Experience Coordinator

Brings our Rising Tides Connection Conferences to life! Finds JOY through spending time with family and friends.

Ellie-Higgins_Lisa Even_ Rising Tides_ Headshot_edited.png

Addy Petig

Project Manager

Focuses on special projects and program launches. Finds JOY through being outdoors and travel

Addy Petig-Web80ppi-3791_edited.png

Passion Projects

Joy is My Job
Have Good Ripple Effect
Rising Tides - For the Wave Makers
GO Women Business
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