You will walk away with...

Inspiration   |   Energy  |   Direction

During the Conference, you can expect…


To engage with other wave makers, who have amazing perspective, kinetic energy, a passion for getting things done, and a generous nature.

Rising Tides

A Connection Conference

For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

October 20, 2022   |   9:00 AM - 3:00 PM  |   West Des Moines


You my friend, are a wave maker…your ripples turn into waves!


How do I know?

Because you live with energy, purpose, and are always on the lookout for meaningful

and significant connection and collaboration.


You also seek:

Outside the box experiences to connect, ideate, and discover new business development opportunities.

Authentic and driven humans with kinetic energy that stimulate the soul and burn bright.

You love creative conversation that leads to opportunities and energizes your business and entrepreneurial endeavors.

You’re ready to create waves: connect, elevate, execute, and grow

Did I nail it?! If so, I invite you to join me for “wave making” experience. The event is a highly-interactive 1-day conference, designed to energize, connect, and elevate your business.

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Are you a Wave Maker?


If you are like me, being on an entrepreneurial journey has been an incredible, yet gritty journey. At times, you have been on top of the world and other times, felt lonely and frustrated.


The good news is that there are amazing people

(wave makers just like you) hiding in plain sight.


Those entrepreneurial souls who are:

  • High-spirited and thinking beyond their backyard with their business and beyond

  • Love a good connection and are curious about the world and the people in it

  • Have a great sense humor

  • Are passionate about creating win-win opportunities (personally and professionally)

  • Have a unique perspective and love a good challenge

  • Are striving to make the world a better place to leave the world better than they found it


If this describes you…



At Rising Tides, you will...

Meet new people.
Build your business.
Find ways to partner.
Experience a few surprises
Feel energized and inspired.
Create momentum and impact.
Have Good Ripple Effect!

You will experience:

Customized connections

Entrepreneur Workshops (TED talk feel)

Unique "coffee shop" 1x1 interactions

Think Tank opportunities for business ideation