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You Happen to the world...

Not the other way around.

Lisa Even

Keynote Speaker, Success Coach, Joy Connoisseur


and many more...

It's no accident that you're here.


I'm the host of the podcast Have Good Ripple Effect, and author of Joy is My Job... and that PRETTY MUCH summarizes my overall approach to life!

You may be...

  • In the middle of planning a conference, retreat, or event and looking for a speaker who will make an impact.

  • Leading a team that is ready to rise to the next level and looking to do this via workshops and training.

  • Wondering what all the buzz is about the Rising Tides Conference and desire to meet new people and be inspired.


  • Seeking for more JOY in your life and heard that I’m the Joy Connoisseur 


  • Ready to work with a success coach and start creating Good Ripple Effect

If you see yourself in any of the options above, I’m smiling because you found the perfect corner of the world (and internet) for you.



THIS is what I do.

If you’re ready to talk more about your vision, click below to
schedule a time to connect. I can’t WAIT!


How to work together

If you’re reading this now, there’s a good chance you’re getting ready for an upcoming event or conference, planning a corporate training / workshop, or considering hiring a coach…

And you’re trying to find the “right one” that not only inspires… but also gives tangible next steps to move forward.

You want your team (or yourself) to have fun, but also achieve more. Be engaged and motivated. You want to expand their thinking and reset after the constant change we've all experienced. 

You want to be inspired and thrive and have some fun in the process too (bring a little JOY).

And that’s what I am all about helping you do. 

I use the power of storytelling and blend it with implementable strategies to give your audience a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

I believe that speaking from a stage is an interactive experience, as I use personal stories, business cases, and feedback from the audience to teach and inspire. 


I have watched firsthand the powerful Ripple Effect small shifts and adjustments can have, and your audience will walk away with inspired action, innovation, and productive breakthroughs.

Leadership doesn’t happen tomorrow at noon or only during scheduled meetings… it happens TODAY… in every moment, situation and scenario.

And every team member is a leader in that they have the ability to create waves in all that they do.

Common topics for workshops include:

  • Motivation & Accountability

  • Team Culture

  • Feedback & Difficult Convos

  • Generational Leadership

  • Buddy to Boss

  • Productivity Through The Chaos

If you’re ready to make waves, get clarity on what you want, build a plan, and achieve more than you thought possible… success coaching is your next step.

Studies show that working specifically with someone to reflect, plan and report back to increases your chances of accomplishing your goal by 95%.

Your goal is WORTH that 95% chance of happening.

I work with people who…

  • Are fun and successful 

  • Look ahead to the future and see opportunity

  • Feel like they might have more to accomplish or dream towards 

  • Who want to uplevel their work and create impact….good ripple effect. 


 Click below to see more testimonials from clients, conference organizers, and coaching clients of Lisa.

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