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I believe that the world is full of people who want to 

Have Good Ripple Effect

and that is why I am inviting them to inspire and ideate together.

Lisa Even, Speaking with a microphone, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Workshops, Success Coach, Fresh Perspective, Energy
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 Lisa demonstrates a life filled with joy-filled opportunities and the fruit that can come from it. Her positivity is truly infectious and made me want to transform my life and work with joy.
Lindsey R, Senior Leader
It’s tough to find speakers that are perfect fit. There’s nothing more challenging then finding that ideal mix of connection, inspiration, and credibility.You want someone who’s not only engaging, but has a relevant message that equips you with practical tools to take action.







Watch Lisa in Action!

With a focus on

Culture  |   Connection  |   Productivity

Lisa Even, Speaking at Event, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Workshops, Success Coach, Fresh Perspective, Energy

Have Good
Ripple Effect

3 Breakthrough Steps to a Bigger Splash in Leadership, Business, and Life

Leadership doesn’t happen tomorrow at noon, it happens today…in every moment, situation, and scenario. I invite you to be part of an energetic, yet practical and implementable session that is scenario-based. Using personal stories, business cases, and experiences from the audience, Lisa delivers examples of organizations and individuals that have created more powerful ripples and inspired action, innovation, and productive breakthroughs. She’ll introduce a process that will enable you to create and sustain a culture that will produce repeatable results!




Program Objectives:





 Creating a JOY Calendar for Work & Play.

Joy is one of every organization and leader’s biggest competitive advantages. It impacts culture, engagement, and ROI for both employees and customers. JOY ultimately affects whether this is a space people want to stay in or leave, and the best leaders know that if employees are seen and heard, along with JOY, it is a pretty powerful combination for success. This interactive keynote will challenge leaders to create their own JOY calendar and JOY challenge list for their teams.




Program Objectives:






Lisa Even, Hands in a heart over her chest, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Workshops, Success Coach, Fresh Perspective, Energy
Workshop Participants, Group work, Communication, Positive attitude

What is Your
Engagement Score?

Creating Michelin Star Experiences and Results for Your Team

As leaders and entrepreneurs, we oftentimes forget, that WE happen to our teams and not the other way around. What do you want your team look like? To act like? To feel like? Our ability to create experiences and influence team engagement, affects our ability to produce results. Through interactive dialogue, exercises, and a point-system, Lisa leads teams through a self-discovery exercise to evaluate whether they are creating daily engaging experiences and to identify gaps in connection, culture, and productivity. Walk away with, experiences worth having and strategies to increase engagement and corporate morale.




Program Objectives:





Three East Steps
to work with Lisa!


a date

Work with Lisa’s team to check availability. We book out, so this is an important first step that should be done as soon as possible.

Ripple Effect!

Lisa has good

Lisa delivers engaging, inspiring, actionable keynote to your audience. But most importantly she will bring implementable strategies and inspiring stories that will positively impact your culture (good ripple effect) and drive engagement, connection, and productivity for you for years to come!


and customization

Lisa and our team will work directly with you to learn about your organization’s vision, needs, and goals. We use a series of scheduled calls to help gather information for Lisa to customize the talk so it is uniquely tailored to your audience and event.

Passion Projects

Joy is my Job
Have Good Ripple Effect
Rising Tides - For the Wave Makers
GO Women Business
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