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1 Million Connection: Meet Machaela Morrissey Clark

Check out her website here:

I started my mission to 1 Million project nearly two years ago and I can hardly believe I am approaching 600 individual connections.

Today I am throwing it back to 2021 when I met Machaela Morrissey Clark.

I was immediately struck by the fact that she showed up on screen with a baby in her arms. She told me that she is a foster mom and this little guy was just 4 months old. I thinks she might have also said they were going camping as a family that weekend, impressive! #CampingWithABaby.

It was easy for me to "fall in friendship" with Machaela because she was already having good ripple effect and we hadn't even really gotten to know each other yet!!

When not making the world a better place, she and her business partner run a company called Tandem Works (link to her website in comments), which focuses on helping business with content creation strategy.

I love that the description of her on their website says....

Machaela connects the dots between creative ideas and strategic plans. With a humorous flavor and creativity, she collaborates with an open mind; bringing quality, value, and a high ROI to every project.

Machaela Morrissey Clark - You Have Good Ripple Effect!


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