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A flat tire, burnt quesadilla, a faulty dishwasher door, and one BIG glass of lemonade.

A flat tire, burnt quesadilla, a faulty dishwasher door, and one BIG glass of lemonade.

Do you ever get the feeling that some days, the world just isn’t in your favor?!

This morning was that for me.

It’s the first official day of summer vacation for my kids and I had intentionally scheduled a slow morning. The original plan was to work at my desk, then go to work out, take my son to his orthodontist appointment, guest record a podcast, and then a few meetings (while grabbing snacks and lunch for the kids in between).

The world had other plans…

I got in my van to leave for work out and got a few blocks from home, when I heard my tire slapping the ground and saw bright orange tire icon light up on my dash. I stood in my driveway thinking… that tire is REALLY flat…and I only have 10 minutes to get to my workout. So, I grabbed my daughter’s pink scooter and hit the pavement, I was not going to miss that workout (two workouts if you count my scooter adventure).

Thankfully, a fellow mom gave me a ride home from workout and another friend took me to Midas to get a tank of air to pump the tire. Back at home, with no real work done yet, my daughter says, “Can I have lunch?” I couldn’t believe it was already that time of day.

I started a quesadilla on the stove and began loading dishes into the dishwasher (because I am a multi-tasker), but completely forgot about the quesadilla. I turned around just in time to see steamy smoke around the edge of the pan. Imagine me running through the front door and dumping the smoky mess into the rocks (face palm).

I’d like to blame the whole quesadilla fiasco on the dishwasher, because the door wasn’t closing correctly, but honestly it was all me…all me, haha!

As I stood starring at the mess, contemplating the day, my daughter says to me, “Mom, me and Lainey are going to do a lemonade stand later!” I couldn’t help but laugh.

THANKFULLY someone is making lemonade out of lemons today!

Hopefully your day is off to a better start!!



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