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"Ah, another networking event.” Join us! It’s not what you’d expect.

Reserve your spot and join us for an awesome time here

You may have noticed the Rising Tides Conference before and thought, “Ah, another networking event.”

Like the million other networking events, you’ve attended in the past.

What’s unique about this one?

While I won’t deny the title “connection conference,” I will say this: try this one.

It’s not what you’d expect!

At Rising Tides, you will experience the following:

Unique "coffee shop" 1x1 interactions curated for you to meet new people (no corny icebreakers, I promise.)

Featured Speakers (TED talk style) to spark inspiration and refuel you.

Think Tank opportunities for ideation. Let’s tackle your current business challenges or take your dreams further!

But you’ll walk away with the following:

Business connections (allies, potential partners, new friends, good souls), I truly believe business referrals come from the people we know, like, and trust!

A complimentary headshot photo

Inspiration and energy

… and more.

Next Rising Tides Conference is on October 26, and seats are beginning to fill up.

Reserve your spot and join us for an awesome time here


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