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Celebrating the Wins….Savoring and celebrating!

Ok, I admit it….I don’t always take time to celebrate my work wins. I usually think to myself, “That was good, but on to the next thing…You are not done yet, you can do more.” Today though, I am going to call a time-out.

In June I kicked off a six-part leader development series with an IT security company, in partnership with Kirkwood Corporate Training, which finished last week!

Every couple of weeks, the team and I met for a 90-minute training session focused on:

1) Setting expectations and communicating effectively

2) Proving feedback

3) A Coaching Model for Leadership

4) Managing Your Time

5) Change Overload

6) Building Culture through Appreciation and Motivation

My favorite part was hearing what they took with them and what they had implemented! Their wins were great, and I loved hearing how they translated the strategies we discussed into their day-to-day worlds.

I encourage you to take a quick time-out today and savor your work wins (big or small)!



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