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Gearing up for the 2nd Quarter!

It's hard to believe that we're close to the end of quarter one for 2024…

… how are we doing?

Have you started to create new habits?

Have we reached some goals?

As the second quarter comes around, this is a great time to do a quick timeout and consider where we are.

Take some time to observe what you have already accomplished… and ask yourself, “What am I looking, dreaming, and growing towards?”

At the beginning of my business, I didn't really do this. I didn't put time on my calendar to pause and check in with myself.

I now make it a habit to save a little bit of time quarterly to look at and celebrate the good things and process what if I might want to get back on the wagon for. Sometimes, it’s a habit, exercise, nutrition, something related to work, or start dreaming ahead….

So that’s my challenge today! Find a time to pause and reflect… our busy lives need it!


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