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Get yourself some joy!

Seven or eight years ago, my family started a joy calendar. We were working too much, way over scheduled, and were turning into cranky bitter people, you know the type.

So, while enjoying a glass of wine one night, we realized that joy is our job and we started creating reasons to have fun and create joy. Some activities and ideas were made up and some were not. We jotted them down on a white board and after each joyful activity, we crossed them off our list and laughed about the fun that we had created or how awful-ly hilarious it had been #lifeismessy.

For us it was Good Ripple Effect, before we even knew what that was!!

I invite you to celebrate. Maybe a picnic in your living room with your kids, or a glass of wine, or maybe a dance party with all the songs that have two in the name. Be creative and think to yourself, "Joy is My Job".

My kids and I will be blowing out candles on cupcakes tonight to celebrate this momentous day (2/22/22)! P.S. - my kids have joy calendars too!



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