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"Give a kid a cupcake."

"Give a kid a cupcake."

When Leigh Anne Tuohy took the stage at the Central Iowa Business Conference yesterday, I wasn't sure what to expect. I assumed she was a good soul, after knowing the story of The Blind Side, but what I didn't predict...was her ability to be a catalyst in a giant room full of make each and every person there, feel as if she was talking 1x1 with them.

At one point, she turned to the audience and in a urgent tone said, "You all are the backbone of this community, you have the opportunity to do great things for the world. It can be as small as giving a kid a cupcake, make someone's day better."

I think each one of us felt the urgency to act and I know she made ripples through her words. I am thankful for her sharing her story and for making good in the world.

Leigh Anne Tuohy - You Have Good Ripple Effect!


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