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It all started when we went to put out holiday decorations...

A gas leak, microwave fire, and hole in the wall….

Have you ever been two things at once?

This week was full of that for me!

There were moments where I felt on top of the world and simultaneously not.

It started when we went to put out holiday decorations on our porch around 9:00 pm (that’s the only time when we can fully devote our time to that vs our kids). As my husband and I stood back to admire our work, we smelled natural gas. A quick call to the energy company and were officially camping out in our van until the leak was fixed a few hours later. #TiredKids  

Fast forward a few days and my daughter, usually a pro-macaroni and cheese in the microwave chef, forgot to put water in the container and fried it crispy. There was smoke everywhere (RIP microwave)! We still have fans blowing and bowls of baking powder and vinegar all over the house!

Then last night, as we hung out as a family, I noticed my son awkwardly sitting against the wall in the basement. I asked him to move and realized there was a silver dollar sized hole in the drywall…apparently a freak accident while diving onto his bean bag (face palm).

I don’t know about you, but sometimes you just have to laugh…there’s nothing else to do, really.

What I realize is that the lows make the highs that much sweeter!

Wishing you more highs than lows this Friday morning


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