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Join us for an "Unconference Conference"

Often times, we go to conferences hoping to meet new people.

But end up running from break-out session to break-out session, and in between catchup with colleagues, grab refreshments or lunch.

Meeting people, and having meaningful yet refreshing conversations, ends up being based on luck vs intention and time spent.

I love that Rising Tides Connection Conference has often been described as an "Unconference Conference"... because it creates space for those in-between moments. There is time for 1x1 “coffee house” type interactions where you get to know new people, swap stories, share resources, and make connections.

Rising Tides Connection Conference is about creating space and time, for growth, learning, and connection.

The next conference will take place on April 20th from 9am -3pm at Willow on Grand. It is sure to be an inspiring day for movers and shakers...those entrepreneurs, leaders, business development folks, and individuals looking to recharge.

Grab your spot and get ready to learn, create and connect with amazing people!


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