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Local To Legend with Emily Steele Podcast HERE!

Listen here:

Recently I podcasted (is that a word?) with Emily Steele on her podcast, Local to Legend.

Feel free to take a listen (link above)

The episode teaser includes:

In this week’s podcast episode, Emily chats with Lisa Even, founder of Even Connection and corporate culture junkie turned entrepreneur. Lisa joins to share more about her one million interview mission, upcoming conference, and how she’s striving to build more connection opportunities in the world.

Lisa founded Even Connection in 2019 after years of building strong team cultures in the medical and financial industries. She decided it was time to take her expertise to more people so she opened up the virtual doors of Even Connection with the goal of helping people create positive ripple effects at work and beyond.

Now her offerings have expanded to include:

- Speaking (keynotes, conferences, retreats, breakout sessions, teams and departments)

- Coaching (1x1) with people who want to create a greater ripple effect at work and beyond

- Wave Workshops - work with teams on engagement, motivation, culture, and communication

- Connection Conferences - one-day connection conferences, Rising Tides, for leaders and entrepreneurs who want to be inspired, connected, and impactful.

Listen in as Lisa shares more about building her online business and the mission she’s on to interview one million souls. The next Rising Tide conference is coming up on April 28th in Des Moines, Iowa. Emily will be speaking! If you’re interested in attending, find the link to grab your ticket below.

Tune in for topics like:

Questions Lisa asks in every one million interview

The Rising Tides Conference

Why you should read the Go Giver

Creating roles and responsibilities in hiring

Why knowing where your strengths lie is crucial to your succes


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