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My Podcast is HERE! Listen & Subscribe!

The Have Good Ripple Effect Podcast was 66th on the top 100 podcasts for Self-Improvement this morning and 109th for education (HOLY COW)!

Putting out a podcast has been one of the hardest (and most vulnerable) things I've done...

What if they think it's dumb?

What if I am not good enough?

What if I sound too happy or not happy enough?

But, what if it helps one person find their purpose and make a ripple effect?

What if it helps one person find connection to the world and the people they encounter?

What if it helps one person create more JOY in their life?

Then I am willing to risk it!

Help me keep it going by liking and subscribing / following in apple podcasts!

The first few days of a podcast are the most important, the more followers gained, means they will show it to more people.

Many thanks!

This is the link to listen, like, and subscribe:


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