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Nothing Better than a Mason Jar Salad

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a BIG foodie at heart, but am not great at cooking. #IdRatherBakeCookies

So when a friend recently started a salad company in Des Moines, that you can buy salads ahead, and all of the ingredients are already included in the jar, I jumped at the chance to try it!

The idea is that you leave the jar standing up until you are ready to eat, and then a few minutes before lunch, you tip them over and the dressing mixes through the lettuce. I was pretty shocked at how well they kept in the fridge and how flavorful they were.

If you are interested in learn more or checking them out, the company is called Green Mason and they are on a mission to make busy people feel better.

What a fun way to enjoy lunch!

"So delicious and tasty" ~ Lisa

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