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Rising Tides Connection Conference ~ Venue Reveal!

Link to register here: Spots are limited.

Rising Tides Connection Conference ~ Venue Reveal!

I am a big believer that environment can impact any experience, which is why I am so picky about the location for each Rising Tides Connection Conference.

The venue must be inviting, unique (the kind where it makes you smile when you walk in), and set-up to inspire great conversation (the kind where you make new friends and where you can create momentum for your business or team).

I am excited to announce that the next Des Moines, Rising Tides Connection Conference on 4/20/23, will be at Willow on Grand.

I am bringing together entrepreneurs and leaders, who are big thinkers, good souls, and high achievers, for a unique in-person connection experience focused on connection, elevation, growth, and learning.

In case you haven’t heard, the day is...

Best described as a conference with a Coffee House & TED Talk feel focused on connection and creation (it's beyond networking!)

A great way for:

o Movers n' shakers - to curate ideas and be inspired

o Entrepreneurs - to feel rejuvenated and find connection and resources

o Business Development Folks - to spread the word and connect

o Organizations - to reward top talent by sending them to a refreshing day of connection and inspiration

o Individuals who are contemplating a job change or are feeling burnt out – to spend time recharging, reflecting, and laughing with good souls.

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