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Rising Tides Spring Sponsors: The Wildflower Factory and EMPOWER HER

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I love all of the sponsors at the Rising Tides Conferences. It is my way of spreading JOY to all those who attend. I want to highlight two different sponsors for Rising Rides conferences coming up...

Rising Tides in Des Moines on April 20 will have The Wildflower Factory, and they will be donating the centerpiece flowers. I love that Miranda Kyl has a background in graphic design and swapped careers to use her eye for beauty to work with flowers.

But that's not all they'll do - we will have a "build-your-own bouquet" class before the event! If you love putting together bouquets or would love to learn from the best, this is for you.

Be sure to arrive early, help put the bouquets together, and learn how to arrange flowers.

Rising Tides in Iowa City on April 27 is sponsored by Empower Her Co. The owner, Janene King, is a badass entrepreneur, and she founded Empower Her Co. on the belief that every woman deserves the community and resources to achieve her dreams.

Her community encourages women to pursue ambitious goals while offering support and resources to overcome obstacles.

When not empowering people, she loves to spend time with her 1.5-year-old son. We're so excited you're sponsoring the Rising Tides Conference in Iowa City!

Have you been thinking about attending a Rising Tides Connect Conference? April is coming up quickly!

Register and save your spot today at


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