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Sharing Strategies with Powerful Women to Create More JOY!

Flying to Connecticut for an in-person Joy is My Job book series!

I’ll be meeting with women from WICT, which is a network for women in media that provides peer-to-peer and business-to-business networks through resources, events, and research.

We had an awesome time a few weeks back, virtually prepping for this in-person session and diving deep into the overall concepts of JOY.

And now that we have that down… we get to hit the ground running. I’ll share strategies for these busy (but incredibly powerful) women to create more JOY!

Because, let's be honest… squeezing in JOY can feel like a mission impossible.

That’s because JOY is a job… it's intentionally crafted…and there are a few quick daily strategies that make a big impact.

I can’t wait to work with this fantastic group of women in the telecommunications world for ESPN, Disney, and Comcast! And as you can see, last year, it was pretty cool to take a tour!

See you soon at The WICT Network!


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