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Soccer, an Off Season Connection

My son plays on a soccer team, and we have started doing some winter training.

He goes once a week and plays at this epic rec center 20 to 25 minutes from our house.

I mean… LOOK at this place. It's pretty amazing.

On the way home recently, we talked about training in the offseason and how important it was.

I was telling him that I'm training in the off season too! And you should have seen the look he gave me

(As he knows I am not currently training for any athletic sports, ha!)

But I shared that in December, January, and into mid-February… my keynote speaking is a little quieter.

There aren't as many conferences happening. So, my schedule just looks different, and I'm doing different things. I focus on strengths or the skills I need for what's coming this spring. (you all are BUSY in spring! I am here for it )

Who knew I could make a connection between soccer practice and business  But it's SO true.

How about you? When is the "off-season" where the pace changes… and how do you use that time?


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