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Wanted to share my current mantra reminder: get back at it!

I sometimes miss that growing-up phase and good ol' college energy. As a professor, I’m excited to step back into it from the other side and watch my students grow, especially in the areas of gaining confidence when presenting, networking, influencing and negotiating, and giving feedback.

Sometimes life slows you down….

In late March, I had COVID, which led to me laying on the couch for a couple of weeks and working from my computer.

For anyone who has tried to work from their couch, you’ll understand: this was terrible ergonomics for my back! About a month later, I hosted an event and traveled a lot which meant I spent a lot of time riding in the car…

… and my back was not happy.

It was so sore I even went to physical therapy for a potential strain (facepalm). I am thankfully close to recovered (standing desk for the win) and in the phase of “getting back at it.”

Sometimes things don’t go the way we planned. Sometimes things have to pause or go at a slower pace. I’ve had to repeatedly remind myself:

Sometimes life slows you down…and that can be a good thing.

I’ve enjoyed more time watching my kids play, more time walking around our neighborhood (walking is good for the back), and more time mentally brainstorming for my business and beyond.

Having to take a step back does not mean failure, or it’s time to quit. It’s a time to tell yourself to REST and then get back at it.

Whether in life or with friends, get back to it and know you can still create joy and impact.

Wanted to share my current mantra reminder: get back at it!


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