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Why Good Ripple Effect?

I believe that everything we say and do is a ripple, happy or crappy (our choice) and everything that we say and do can be felt by others.

Maybe it’s a quick smile to the cashier at the grocery store, or a mentor that guides us in our career, or even the coffee we buy for the person behind us at the coffee shop. It’s the micro moments that we (and others) go out of our way to do, that make the world a little better and brighter…these are the ripples.

At a tiny gas station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a gas station attendant named Mr. Dale. Mr. Dale, when I met him in 2016, was an eighty five year old man, who wore the absolute cutest white bucket hat and blue mobil uniform. He would come out to greet customers and tell them to stay in their vehicles, while he pumped their gas and handed out life saver mints to all. My kids absolutely fell in love with this little old man in a matter of 30-seconds, and the rest was history…we got gas at Mr. Dale’s for years. All because of a kind word and of course, a lifesaver mint. I’d like to believe that we can all be a little bit like Mr. Dale and spread good energy and action into the world (at work and play)!


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