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You Have Good Ripple Effect!

I can’t do this without my team… seriously guys. If all these people suddenly disappeared from my business, you’d all be wondering, “What happened to Lisa!?”

Each one really supports me on big projects or things behind the scenes, but gives me so much JOY to do what I do.

Ready to meet them? Here you go:

Kori Hesser | Assistant - She literally coordinates my work life!

Ellie Straw Higgins | Events and Experience Coordinator - She brings all of my event visions to life!

Addyson Petig | Project Manager - She basically coordinated my book launch along with

Danielle Ophoff Hamlet | Marketing & Social Media Manager - She’s the one creating this post right now My social media manager helps me show up authentically online.

Mitch Matthews | Business Coach - He helps me strategize, plan, and execute on my business.

Lise Cartwright | Book Coach - She coached me (and held me accountable) through the book writing process. Joy is My Job could not have happened without her!

Kyle Calvert | Graphic Design - He designed the cover for Joy is My Job and is the genius behind the Have Good Ripple Effect and Rising Tides logos!

Thank you team for all you do, and for making 2023 AMAZING. You’re making an amazing Ripple Effect.

And BIG thanks to anyone else who helped on a project, made a connection, or sent someone my way in 2023…I appreciate it! You Have Good Ripple Effect!


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