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PB&J 1x1 Worksheet

Tool for 1x1 Meetings

Use this worksheet during 1x1 meetings to find out about their Personal life, perspective, and progress followed by gathering input (Better ways of doing things and ideas for improvement), and finally what things bring them Joy and what joy they have on the horizon. Each of these categories is an indicator for wellbeing, engagement, and overall success at work. The more you know as a leader, the more you can assist with and encourage.

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Circle of Influence Visual

Individual and Team Resource

Use this visual with your team as a tool in considering the things that are in their control, things that they can influence, and things that are far outside their realm of influence.


Core Values Worksheet

Individual and Team Resource

Use this visual with your team as a tool to learn about the values your team members hold near and dear!

Core Values Worksheet.png

Culture Analysis
(attitudes, norms, beliefs)

Individual and Team Resource

Use this worksheet with your team as a tool to assess current culture relating to attitudes, norms, and beliefs. Brainstorm next steps for shaping culture!

ANB Worksheet.png

Feedback Types & Triggers

Leader Resource

Reference this tool when giving feedback and consider what factors might prevent feedback from taking place and know the type of feedback that you are giving.

Feedback Types & Triggers (1).png


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