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Think about it,

Every innovative idea and every successful team or business started with someone

who created a ripple that
turned into a wave!

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It’s tough to find a speaker or coach that is the perfect fit. There’s nothing more challenging then finding that ideal mix of connection, inspiration, and credibility.

You want someone who’s not only engaging, but has a relevant message that equips you with practical tools to take action.

I’ve been leading people for 10+ years. And for the last four years I have been speaking, training, and coaching individuals, leaders, and teams to Have Good Ripple Effect and Workplace JOY.
I’ve specialized in coaching and training fun and successful people who want to make a greater impact. I get enthusiastic reviews such as:
“Thank you for hearing my sharing tips and tricks that I can actually apply”


Using personal stories, business cases, and experiences from the audience, Lisa delivers examples of organizations and individuals that have created more powerful ripples and inspired action, innovation, and productive breakthroughs. She’ll introduce strategies and processes that will enable you to create and sustain impact that will produce repeatable results!

Here’s an example of keynotes to choose from:

Have Good Ripple Effect...At Work and Beyond

Creating an Intentional Ripple Effect. Developing Positive Team Culture

JOY is My Job. A framework for creating more JOY at Work and Beyond

Productivity Through the Chaos

Creating Michelin Star Experiences and Results for Your Team

Leadership doesn’t happen tomorrow at noon, it happens

today…in every moment, situation, and scenario.

Let's create a group-specific experience that creates waves!


A few of the topics...

Motivation & Accountability

Team Culture

Feedback & Difficult Convos

Generational Leadership

Buddy to Boss

Productivity Through The Chaos

Let's create a group-specific experience that creates waves!​

Sometimes people ask Lisa, "Who are your favorite people to coach?" 

And the answer is always the same... 

"I work with fun successful people who want to make a bigger impact in the world and have fun while doing it. Lately though, they have noticed that they aren't getting the results that they want and they just want a partner to help develop a plan to do more of what they love." 


This often times is an entrepreneur who has aspirations or goals for their business, a leader looking to move up in the organization, develop team culture, or even pivot to a new career. For others, it involves launching an idea or creating more JOY (JOY is my job). 


Lisa uses a scientifically based-coaching method and makes the process fun, yet productive. She customizes each coaching package to fit your individual needs. As you can imagine...working with Lisa is energizing, empowering, equipping, and JOYful!

If you are considering working one-on-one with Lisa, please click here to contact her team and schedule a complimentary call. That will give you an opportunity to experience working with Lisa, and it will help you both decide if you are a good fit. 

Passion Projects

Joy is my Job
Have Good Ripple Effect
Rising Tides - For the Wave Makers
GO Women Business
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