I am so glad that you are here! It’s no accident that we are connected. 


If you are like me, you want to feel inspired and get a lot done. You want to wake up with a sense of purpose, joy, and to leave this world better than you found it! Lately, I am guessing that you have felt burnt out and are probably contemplating your next move.

 I believe you can have it all AND leave a lasting impact,

A Good Ripple Effect.  Let’s partner to do just that!


Know That You Deserve…

To have the right mix of inspiration and actionable strategies

To have fun but also achieve more

To be engaged and motivated

To expand your thinking and reset after the constant change you have experienced


I invite you to be inspired and thrive and have some fun in the process to, let’s bring a little joy!

Let’s create the Ripple Effect of your dreams!

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You Happen to the world,
not the other way around.


Let’s create waves!

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Lisa Even

Corporate Culture Junkie Turned Entrepreneur

Lisa combines powerful stories and implementable strategies, with an energetic and inspiring style, to give your audience a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Learning happens in the living of it. Let's create a group-specific experience that creates waves!

Lisa is a Wave Maker!


Working one on one with entrepreneurs and leaders to help them get clarity on what they want, build a plan, and achieve more than they thought possible!

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Lisa Even, Positive, Motivational, Joy

Keynotes + Workshops

Making a Positive Splash! Developing Your Leader or Team Ripple Effect

  • I invite you to be part of an interactive, yet practical and implementable session that is scenario-based. Lisa introduces a simple three-step process for creating a positive splash.

  • Walk away with a high-level Have Ripple Effect plan.


Joy is my job!

  • It’s easy to fall into the day-to-day routine without thinking. Lisa delivers examples of organizations and individuals that have created more joy and inspired action, innovation, and productive breakthroughs. She’ll bring a joy challenge exercise that will enable you to create and sustain joy that will produce repeatable results!

  • Walk away with work (and play) joy calendars. 


Why is motivating people so hard? Developing a team culture of continuous improvement.

  • Let's talk about eliminating "it's not my job" and shift to a continuous improvement mindset. We will dive deeper into motivation, permission, and talk strategies on rapid fire continuous improvement and critical thinking (the daily solves). 

  • Walk away with strategies and a framework for motivation.


Michelin Star Experiences. What’s your score? 

  • Our ability to create and contribute to experiences, and influence self and team engagement, affects our ability to produce results. Through interactive dialogue, exercises, and a point-system, Lisa leads teams through a self-discovery exercise to evaluate whether they are creating daily engaging experiences and to identify gaps in connection, culture, and productivity.

  • Walk away with experiences worth having, and strategies to increase self-engagement and team morale.

Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask!

All I want to do in the world
is help people be the best they can be and leave something behind that people can feel!


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I had so many takeaways that I learned from Lisa when she spoke, and I implemented one item at home and another at the team office the very next day!

Jorge  I  CEO

Julie Richars Coaching Testimonial Takeaways, Inspirations, Actionable, Life filled with Joy, opprotunities, positivity, transform my life and work with joy

Lisa demonstrates a life filled with joy-filled opportunities and the fruit that can come from it. Her positivity is truly infectious and made me want to transform my life and work with joy.

Julie K  I  Entrepreneur

Passion Projects

Joy is my Job
Have Good Ripple Effect
Rising Tides - For the wave makers
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