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1 Million Connection: Meet Connie Whitman - She is a sassy yet nurturing east-coast soul!

Someday I am going to New Jersey for a cup of coffee!

Guest podcasting has been on my 2022 goals, to test the water on whether I should create a podcast, but also to meet some amazing souls!

One of those souls is @Connie Whitman and her podcast, which I was a guest on, is Enlightenment of Change (link to listen here:

We were introduced via a 1 million connection (thanks Dawn Christine) and I couldn't help but lean forward during our whole conversation. I kept thinking…this feels like coffee with a good friend!

Connie is a sassy yet nurturing east-coast soul. She has spent 40 years in the financial services industry and has a passion for Changing the Sales Game (pun intended as that is her business).

I love that she says she is still 35 at heart, and it is clear that she lives her mission of helping people build revenue from love, care and respect.

Connie Whitman – someday I am going to come to New Jersey and we will enjoy a cup of coffee in-person!!

You my friend, Have Good Ripple Effect.


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