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Bring A Friend to Rising Tides Connection Conference this October!

Register here: or share this with a friend!

I was at a lunch the other day, and the woman next to me said, “I think I’m going to have my husband go to Rising Tides… he’s contemplating a big life change. This would be perfect for him.”


Rising Tides Conference is a fantastic reset moment, may it be career, connections, or inspiration to gear up for what’s ahead… this is the place.

Many have shared that the Rising Tides Conference started a new chapter in their lives.

Who do you know needs to start a new chapter… or a new book?

Do you know someone considering a career change, or life is transitioning right now as we speak? (or read… unless you’re reading out loud, of course )

Maybe they’re stuck in the humdrum or running that rat race…

Invite them to attend the Rising Tides Conference, I even have a fun promo code they can use when registering.

Comment below and tag a friend, and I’ll send the promo code your way!

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