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Cheers to creating moments of JOY (big or small).

"Collect memories, not things."

This month, as I watch photos pop up from my student intern's J-Term travels to Italy, I can't help but be reminded of my J-Term in college to Greece and adult J-term (I tagged along with a class) to India.

I am also reminded of these adventures because of the app kids love seeing pictures of wild monkeys, tuk tuks (the rickshaws we rode around in), and of course the elephants.

Both trips were life changing for many reasons (new foods, things to see, cultures to experience), but it reminded me that adventure can be around any corner.

Later this week, I hope to do a Mediterranean dinner with the kids...because as we know, JOY is my Job.

Cheers to creating moments of JOY (big or small).

@LorasCollege - thanks for giving me the experience to travel...You Have Good Ripple Effect!


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