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Curious how my book writing is coming along?

A quick book writing update!

I spent almost a year sitting at my computer trying to type the perfect string of words. You can imagine me erasing as fast as I was writing (face palm). And then, after one meeting with my book coach (definitely worth the investment), she says to me….

“Lisa, your natural state is speaking. Why don’t you try dictating some of the book instead?” And voila, I have made more progress in two weeks that I did in a year. Big thanks to my new app friend, Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Moral of the story? When you have a big goal, ask for help and don’t give up…FIND a way even if it doesn’t look like everyone else’s way.

Photo Blooper - I don't have two phones, so my trusty ipod from 2007 was my stand in prop for the photo!


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