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Experiences Versus Gifts...

So my family is going ALL in with giving experiences versus gifts…

It all started when my husband and I gave serious thought to how we try and organize our lives and design them around our goals and values (connection, impact, experience, and joy).

Every SINGLE time we talked about this, it circled back to travel.

So when my husband found a mad flight deal over the summer, we went for it!

We’re taking our kids on vacation for Christmas this year!

They know where we are going, but not all the details #AFewSuprisesInStore

You can say Christmas looks a bit different this year

But I am SO excited to show our kids what a different culture is like, experience new food, and what it’s like to take a really long plane flight.

Can you guess where we are going?!

So my question is: What would it look like to get intentional about designing your life?

What would that look like?

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