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I’m loving this podcast thing!

Oh wow, this has been a year of podcasts for me! It was fun pulling these together and reflecting on all the awesome podcasts I guested on in 2023.

But let me tell you… it has been a learning curve.

When I started guesting on podcasts, I had NO idea what I was doing (to any podcaster who had to deal with that, you’re amazing!!)

It has been a whole process of learning development and figuring a few things out…

And after a while, I realized, hey… I’m loving this podcast thing!

It’s time to start my own.

But above all else, I want to celebrate and highlight these amazing podcasts and take you on a tour. Listen to the episodes, and find some new podcasts to follow! I promise you they are all awesome.

 The Dream. Think. Do. Podcast with MitchMatthews - EP 385 - Lisa Even - 3 Keys to Spark a Joy-Filled Mindset [and life!]

Curiosity. Clarity. Empowerment with Cari Kenzie - EP 5 - Creating a Ripple Effect: How Small Actions Lead to Big Impact with Lisa Even

 Failing Adds Up Podcast - Making a living off of JOY!?!?!

 Even Better with Sinikka Waugh with Your Clear Next Step- 4 Ways to Create More JOY

 Parks & Restoration with Chris Lee - EP 43. Joy is My Job - an interview with author and speaker, Lisa Even

 Retiring Today with Merkle Retirement Planning: EP 125 - Finding Joy in Retirement with

Joy Connoisseur Lisa Even

 Empower Her The Podcast with Janene King (Empower Her Co.) Lisa Even, Joy Connoisseur

 When We Arise with Tallis Strub - EP 30 - Why Joy Is My Job Part 1 & EP 31 - Joy Is My Job Part 2

Thank you EVERYONE for a fantastic podcasting year!


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