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Interns Are Awesome

Iowa Wolves, you got a good one!

Time sure does fly!

I remember back in 2020, the day I walked into my six year old daughter’s room in between conference calls, just to make sure she was paying attention to her teacher on the computer (oh the days of virtual school).

Instead of finding her sitting down staring at the screen, I found her brushing her giant doll head’s hair right in front of her computer screen (face palm). That was the moment I knew we needed a little help!

I reached out to a few friends asking if their college student might be interested in helping over their Christmas break. Jori Nieman came to our rescue!

I knew immediately that she would be able to wrangle my beautifully feisty daughter and I am still convinced that she is the reason Alaina is reading much better.

After a few days, I asked Jori if she would be interested in interning with me too, as she seemed to be organized, have great people skills, and strong critical thinking ability.

Gosh, it’s been three years now and this week I said “see ya later” to her with a champagne toast, as she took her first full-time job with the Iowa Wolves. I know that Jori will bring such value to the organization!

Though I am sad to see her fly the nest, I am VERY excited to see the ripples that she creates in the world.

Iowa Wolves, you got a good one!

Cheers to Jori Nieman!


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