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Join Me on April 25th to Expand!

I spend a lot of time connecting people (and it's my favorite)!

There are people looking for knowledge..."Do you know anybody who has done_____?"

There are people considering a change with their jobs, industries, roles. "Do you know anyone with a connection to ______?"

There are people looking to expand their network for additional business, connections for their side hustle, or even for their family. "Do you know a good _______?"

There are people looking for friends (camaraderie and support). "Have any of your friends done ______?"

And when they ask, my wheels start turning....

It's my superpower to bring people together, and I cannot wait to do it on an even bigger and better scale at Rising Tides!

If are needing a day to expand (connections, knowledge, and impact), I invite you to join me on April 25th!

Because....I probably got a "guy" (or gal) for you!



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