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Life is FULL of Suprises!

I did a super cool thing back in my hometown today, and it got me thinking about how crazy things come back around full circle.

And WHO would have guessed that I would be facilitating a session at the health center where my high school internship occurred?

That internship was like the launching pad for soooo much in my life, and it's just too serendipitous (and a tad excited to use that word, lol) to have had this opportunity!

I got to be with the leadership team at the Buchanan County Health Center, and after that, I bopped over and gave a presentation for the Rotary.

I spent this morning more on impact and then talked to the students and the Rotarians about some secrets for pumping up the joy in your life.

Life is full of surprises, right? You never know the impact at the moment, but looking back, you can see it. I had a blast today!

What would it be if you could pick a place that impacted your life?


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