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Life Lessons with a whole Bunch of Joy!

So I KNOW I said I'd be surfing the waves this year…

But it turns out I'm actually SKIING the slopes this month (to be fair, surfing is tricky in the winter in the Midwest).

I'm excited, but I'll be honest... this has all been new for my family! I've only been skiing one other time, but my kids have never been.

So we just returned from Minnesota with some other families and tried this skiing thing out!

It was a mixed group of experienced skiers and newbies like us. We figured it would either be a blast or mildly traumatizing for the kids but this was also my reminder to try new things and find new winter JOY activities.

What we found was a life lesson and a whole bunch of joy! One of our kids, who is usually not as interested in sports, sailed down the hill with no trouble while the other ended up NOT a pro like they initially thought they'd be (let's just say he needs to learn to pizza!).

We had countless conversations on the ride home about how new skills take practice and that sometimes things surprise us, but it takes grit and more practice to get better.

Say yes and enjoy the ride (or, in my case, sometimes falling!)

But also,… any skiers here!? Any tips or good things to know? I'd love to hear it!


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