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The good, the bad, and the ugly.

You know a CEO cares about the right things, when they reach out saying, "We have our quarterly meeting coming up and I want to continue to build culture, strengthen our values, and enhance connection. Can you join us?" .

I am not flawless...

Today I was the Featured Speaker on a Power Lunch (sounds fancy, doesn’t it) to talk about my Rising Tides Connection Conferences and to share the evolution…the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I gave a behind the scenes look at my first event and all of the things that went well (inspiration, connection, energy) and all of the things that didn’t go well (minor logistics day-of, marketing and social media messaging that was confusing, scrambling to make sure things were ready).

Though I felt a little vulnerable to list off the things that didn’t go well, and I had flashbacks to all the crazy moments, I hope that it inspired someone else to get out CREATE. To take their crazy, wacky, and sometimes un-figured-out ideas into the world.

The final question from the host Mitch Matthews was, what is one bit of advice you would give?

And for me it was easy, give yourself permission to “live in the lab”, to experiment and try new things without the pressure of perfection. You will be messy and you will pivot, but it will lead you to the next thing. I am hosting my fourth Rising Tides Conference on October 20th, who would have ever imagined!!

What are you experimenting with today or even dreaming to do? Would love to hear in the comments of send me a message.



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