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The Impact and the Ripple Effect of a Day Like This...

Ok… confession… I always get jitters the day before an event.

It’s that excited buzz…. because these events are not just another day at the office.

I get to watch others building connections in REAL time, and I can see the impact and the ripple effect of a day like this.

IN the few moments before a Rising Tides event kicks off, I pause to ground myself in the idea that the things we put into the world REALLY make a difference.

So that I can encourage and inspire all of the volunteers, community members, and students to embrace it too.

That’s why I’m so pumped today for the students and the community members to experience this event at Boone Community School District…. ALL the wisdom contained in this one room blows my mind.

This day may change someone’s life forever…

How can I not be excited!?

If you want to be in the next one, let me know, we need your Ripple Effect in that room.



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