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The odds are terrible when you never take your shot.

Ever felt this before?

You see a cool opportunity or have a crazy idea instead of leaning in and doing it… you stop and think… "oh, they'll never pick me."

Or…. "oh, I've never done that."

And even…. "No, I can't do it."

You almost stop yourself before you get going!

Some of us have some pretty aggressive dream stompers in our brains, making you feel stuck and not serving you AT ALL!

Recently, I decided to pitch an article to a well-known online blog. I felt like the odds were against me, but I told myself:

"If I never pitch a story… I'll never like the odds - It WILL be zero".

Basically, by not pitching myself, my chances to win would be nonexistent.

So I typed up my pitch, followed the process… and, to my surprise… THEY SAID YES!

(You'll have to wait a month or two to find out which publication though… I'll keep you posted!)

But this SURPRISING "yes" got me thinking about you… and I want to challenge you to pause and ask yourself: "What am I talking myself out of?"

Take it, rephrase it, and lean in. The odds are terrible when you never take your shot.

The odds are a lot better when you do.

Have you ever taken a shot and were surprised by the yes? I'd love to hear it!


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