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Two Ripple Effects and a side of JOY!

Two Ripple Effects and a side of JOY!

Last night we took our kids, as one of their Christmas presents, to the AJR Concert in Des Moines.

We got to our seats right as the opener walked onto the stage. We were expecting to hear Dean Lewis, but instead were greeted by Andrew Hoyt Music on a ukulele.

My husband and I nodded to each other (the way you do when the music is loud) that he was really good. Andrew ended his first song and mentioned in an excited voice that this was the craziest night of his life (enormous and proud grin on his face)!

He explained that he is a local musician, who three hours before the show while he was out running, got a call from AJR saying Dean was unable to play and they were looking for an opener.

As a music teacher, who left teaching to pursue his dream of performing, this was something that he could only dream of! He also proceeded to call his mom while onstage and tell her about his BIG dream coming true….How cool?!

Here’s where the ripple effects come in….

One of his former students from Ankeny, IA, was in the audience and without skipping a beat, he gave the student a shout out!! I am guessing this student will remember that forever and will be more likely to pursue their passions.

I also believe the 6,000 (ish) people in attendance, for a brief moment were thinking about the teachers that had made a difference in their lives….Gosh, what a ripple effect!

My moment of nostalgia and ripple effect brought me back to my former band director, David Lang. Not only did he bring JOY to his students by the fun way he taught, but he also encouraged us to follow our passions by being contagiously passionate himself. Still to this day I know that he played a big part in my love of music (and concerts), and I am thankful!

Which teachers made a difference for you?


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