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What was your favorite Holiday moment?

Wishing you a bright and bubbly week!

Two of my favorite Christmas moments:

1) Take caution when blowing big bubbles -- This morning my son's glasses were sitting on the counter, and I noticed there was a thick film on both lenses, so I went to clean them off. It took me quite a while and I figured it was some sort of food or sticker, but I almost laughed out loud when I asked him, "What was on your glasses this morning?" He said that he blew a big bubble in the dark last night, while driving home from grandmas, and couldn't think of a way to clean them. #KidProblems

2) Apparently Christmas Eve is for pizza -- Both kids agreed that there is nothing better than pizza on Christmas Eve and voila our menu for this year was formed. My daughter was insistent that she set the table and the result is nothing short of fantastic! Our table was bright and festive…and our matching jammies were too!


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