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Workplace JOY matters!

Leadership and workplace JOY do not happen tomorrow at noon, they happen now…in each moment of the day (1x1s, staff meetings, daily tasks, and beyond).

Is your team feeling the year end burn?

Could use a little more JOY?

Have you considered creating a JOY calendar? In my mind a JOY calendar is a strategy for ensuring that people are thinking about their experiences and happiness levels at work.

Even quick JOY activities, that are folded into day-to-day operations, are great opportunities for ROI related to engagement, turnover, camaraderie, and communication.

As a JOY connoisseur and former leader of big teams, I know firsthand the power in cultivating JOY in life and at work. What are some ways you could cultivate joy?

Need ideas? Reach out!



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