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A Huge Thank You to the Rising Tides Food & Beverage Vendors!

Rising Tides Conference can’t happen without it’s jet fuel, and I am SO excited for April’s food and beverage vendors!

For Coffee we have our beloved Vintage Road Coffee Vintage Road Coffee Co. to keep us energized and doing all day long.

For our meal Trellis Catering Trellis at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden will be taking care of us!

And of course… to make everything deliciously sweet we have Doré Bakery Doré Bakery joining us!

I really do believe that a big part of the environment at Rising Tides comes from the overall food experience from our vendors. It's SO MUCH better than sharing a snack at an airport or quickly scarping down some McDonald's…not that there isn’t a time a place for that too, ha!

It’s a time to sit together and really connect as a community - and that’s the vision I look for in vendors.

Rising Tides is all about creating an amazing environment for connection, growth and learning … and the vendors help make that happen.

THANK YOU! (been thinking about joining us!? It’s coming up fast in April, but it’s not too late to register! Click here to get started


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