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Check out our Rising Tides Photos!

A few of our photos are back from the Rising Tides Connection Conference and they are pretty great! See them on Facebook here:

The day was what I like to call, focused fun! We talked about our businesses, generated ideas, solved problems, fueled up on inspiration and connection.

It's as they say...

"Good conversation can leave you more exhilarated than alcohol; more refreshed than the theater or a concert. It can bring you entertainment and pleasure; it can help you get ahead, solve problems, spark the imagination of others. It can increase your knowledge and education. It can erase misunderstandings, and bring you closer to those you love." ~ Dorothy Sarnoff

Also special shout out to Sherri Farmer with Ellario Photography for these amazing images!

Cheers to the Wave Makers and all the business owners creating Good Ripple Effect!



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