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Count Me IN!

Super excited to be speaking at the Women's Empowerment & Personal Enrichment Conference this week hosted by Northeast Iowa Community College!

The event has this incredible "Ripple Effect."

Just listen to their event description: "A day of powerful women inspiring young high school students to be confident, strong, smart, and courageous individuals."

Heck yes, count me in!

They team up with 15-16 high schools and select students to attend the day along with staff members to empower each other.

It’s an amazing day for high school students, covering topics like resilience, joy, and impact. I get to talk about ALL the things I normally do but layered in with how to do it and how to carry those skills out into the world.

Because we all know …. those early 20s can suddenly get really hard. The more we invest early, the more empowered the next generation will be.

I’m honored to be part of this and can’t wait! Will I see you there? Let me know!


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