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Dream Bigger and Have a Bigger Ripple Effect!

EXCITED to be speaking at The Changemakers Luncheon on April 22! So excited I have their awesome T-shirt on today.

What I love about this luncheon is that it isn't your typical fundraiser. It's an opportunity to celebrate the amazing work being done to prevent stillbirth and improve birth outcomes for everyone.

Plus, there's fantastic food! (you could probably tell by the word luncheon right )

The Count the Kicks Changemakers are a pretty awesome group dedicated to empowering parents with knowledge about fetal health.

This luncheon raises money for their mission, which means by attending, you're directly contributing to a good cause… pretty awesome Ripple Effect.

I’ll do my thing… challenging you to think beyond your backyard and dream bigger to have a bigger ripple effect.

See you there! (and thank you for all you do Healthy Birth Day, Inc.)


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