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Guest Speaking on Ignite Your Confidence Podcast

Link to listen here:

This time, on my guest podcasting circuit, I was in sunny San Francisco (or at least my heart was)!

Big thanks to Karen Habegger Laos for not only inviting me onto her podcast Ignite Your Confidence, but being a ray of sunshine to my day.

Karen, a Midwest girl at heart who hails from Minnesota, has helped people with confidence and presentation skills for 20 years! She is also an author and deep down good soul.

I loved that during our time together, prepping for the podcast, we talked about the time she road a bus across the world with a performing group, and how I was in a traveling jazz band and show choir one summer during high school where we traveled the state in a bus and lived with host families in between shows . We both agree that unique travel experiences make the heart grow fonder!!

If you need a boost of energy or confidence take a listen. Today is your day to Have Good Ripple Effect! Karen Habegger Laos - You Have Good Ripple Effect!

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