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If You Are Struggling To Do The Next Thing, DO IT ANYWAY!

Are you bothering them?

I used to think that talking to people about my work (things I was dreaming about or projects I was working on), or inviting them to events, or even sharing the fears or failures was going to bother them….

• I am sure they are annoyed.

• I am sure they are judging it.

• I am sure they are judging ME.

• They probably don’t like the things I am sharing.

• They’ve got to be sick of it.

But that wasn’t true.

What I was doing, was worrying about things I didn’t actually know the answer to (could I actually see inside their heads? No), was worrying about what everyone else was thinking (how could I possibly make everyone happy?), and ultimately worrying myself into a standstill.

Maybe you haven’t experienced this in your life…but for me it’s a battle and it can be draining…

Here’s what I’ve learned to think instead….

• I’m not being annoying; I am inviting people and inspiring people to get out into the world (ripple effect).

• I might be the proof and permission that people need to chase their dreams.

• They might be judging me for it, but what if they aren’t? What if I am actually putting out a beacon for the people who need to hear me?

• What if they aren’t sick of it at all…what if they actually need more?

My advice to you, if you are struggling to do the next thing, do it anyway.

If you inspire one person, you have made a difference and create a Good Ripple Effect. If you find joy in it along the way…even better!

Go for it!


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