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Join me for a day you wont forget!

Valentine’s Day (and hopefully every other day too!) is all about Love. And sometimes that outpouring of love can be for yourself (finding ways to celebrate, strengthen, and rejuvenate).

If you are looking for a way to do just that…and maybe expand your network, be inspired to take the next leap in life, swap ideas, or execute on an idea...I invite you to join me at the next Rising Tides Connection Conference on April 25th in Des Moines, Iowa!

It’s a place for:

- Organizations - to reward top talent by sending them to a refreshing day of connection and inspiration

- Movers n' shakers - to curate ideas and be inspired

- Entrepreneurs - to feel rejuvenated and find connection and resources

- Business Development Folks - to spread the word and connect

- Individuals - who are contemplating a job change or are feeling burnt out, to spend time recharging, reflecting, and laughing with good souls.

Join me for a day that you won’t forget!

(Sign-up link in comments)


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