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JOY and Financial Planning CAN Go Hand in Hand!

When you think about retirement… what comes to mind?

For most of us… it’s all about the finances.

➤ ”Am I on track?”

➤ ”Do I have enough?”

➤ ”When will I have enough?”

And I’ll argue… let’s ALSO think about JOY.

This is why I am excited to speak at Merkle Retirement Planning to help their clientele think about retirement beyond just the finances.

Because JOY and financial planning CAN go hand in hand!

This will be a fun day talking about:

➤ What are you doing for fun?

➤ What are you doing with your joy in retirement?

➤ How are you making time for a little bit of joy?

This is important because sometimes you get closer to retirement, and it hits you… “oh, wait, I haven't planned for this… I've been busy raising kids, and I’ve been busy with my job, and now I’m suddenly supposed to know all the things!?”

It’s ok, we got this! You can be in charge of your JOY just like how you plan meals for the week… you can plan JOY into your retirement.

I can’t WAIT to speak with you at Merkle!

And don’t forget to answer the question… what do YOU think of when you think about retirement?


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